Team workshops 

Team workshops are offered to support typical mental health challenges that all players and teams face, independently and together. Workshops provide an opportunity for mental health to be understood and considered both on and off the field. These workshops also provide the opportunity for all members of the team, coaches and players alike, to be a cohesive unit in creating a common language with how to express and handle stressors on and off the field.

Workshops aimed toward athletes coming to the end of their careers alleviates the abrupt ending many experience and helps athletes feel supported in this part of their journey by coaches and the athletic department.  

​Team workshops can be utilized for pre-season and post-season, as well as during the season if needed. Workshops can be altered or created to fit the current needs of athletes or teams in both topic and duration of time. 

Current Workshops:
Mental Health & Well-Being:
On-and-Off Season
Athletes Transitioning to 
Life After the Final Season
Exploring the Mind-Body
Connection when Handling Stress
Creating a Shared Language Around the Impact of
Mental Health & Stress
Mental Health 
Navigating Major Injury
Custom Team-Specific Workshops