Join a group to ignite your competitive edge to find what's next. ​

Friendship, support, and competition are all part of the unique bond that forms between teammates. As athletes, being part of a team provides a sense of togetherness and group cohesion to work towards a common goal. 

Being surrounded by others who understand the experiences and challenges that come from sports creates an atmosphere that feels less isolating while figuring out the next chapter. 

With our innovative and cutting-edge approach to athlete-specific transitions, we integrate a mind-body approach to group work. 

Common obstacles in transitioning to life after sport, along with other specific topics, will promote open conversations and confidentiality to allow individuals to express their challenges among a group of like-minded individuals. 

Current Groups Offered in Summer 2022

Mental Health
Stress Management
Seniors Transitioning
Life After Sport
Dealing with a 
Major Injury
Navigating a 
Career-Ending Injury