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Struggling without
your sport?

We can help.

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Crossover Counseling
Life After Sports LLC


Navigating the world of athletics is a unique experience.     

It is exciting, fulfilling, powerful, and a self-esteem builder. It can also be overwhelming, time-consuming, stressful, and a self-esteem breaker. Whether you’re a current or former athlete, we are here to offer you a collaborative, understanding, and immersive counseling experience. We want to help you shape your mental health journey that emphasizes both your athletic and non-athletic experiences.

Our Services

Individual Counseling

60 minutes

1 hour & 30 minutes

Support Groups

Time Varies



Meet the Team

Former Athletes,

Now Counselors

We are a group of former athletes who have experienced the highs and lows of what it means to be a competitive athlete. We each have our own journeys of what led us to where we are now, but all of us relate to the stressors that occurred while performing and the 

unexpected challenges that came with finding our next passion after our athletic careers ended. Now we want to help you do the same.

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